Posed Newborn Photography Melbourne

Naked sleepy babies in cute little outfits curled up on blankets¬†is probably what most people think about when they first hear the words posed newborn photography.¬† There’s a spectrum of different styles within posed newborn photoshoot itself.

You’ll find, at one end, highly stylized shoot where a lot of props are used. Photographer might put baby into baskets, buckets, prams or other items that are meaningful to your family. They may use a lot of different colors and a lot of different textures in the shoot.

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At the other end of the scale, you have a very simple style in posed newborn photography. The photographer may just use one or two colors often just white. The focus is really on your baby usually without any outfits at all or just in the plain white. In a posed newborn shoot, the focus is just on your baby and most of the photographs will be of your baby. But the photographer will also spend time taking some family portraits capturing images of your baby with the parents and older siblings. And it’s also quite common for grandparents to come along and be included in the shoot too.

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