Tips for Successful Newborn Photography Session at Home

Tips for Successful Newborn Photography Session at Home

newborn in sister lap

It can be a challenge to photograph newborns, but there’s nothing like being a part of their first few days of life. It takes some planning and preparation to have a successful newborn photography session. Here are some tips to help you have a successful home newborn photography in Melbourne.

Let There be Light

Baby Portrait

Natural light is best when it comes to photography. Please keep all curtains and blinds open before we show up. We will walk through the house after we get there to find the part of the house that has the best natural light and can house our little mini studio. This ideal location is typically in the kitchen or by a deck door; usually somewhere with a large window.

Babies Like it Hot

Newborn WrappedWe recommend keeping your house a little warmer during the session. Newborns are used to the temperature of the womb, which is a toasty 98.6 degrees. They need to be comfortable for their cute baby photos, and the heat will help them sleep. We also bring a small heater of our own to help get the temperature right.

Prepping the Baby

Newborn Photography Outfit

  • Loosen the baby’s diaper around half an hour before the session to allow time for the imprint marks to fade. The baby will be naked in some shots, so we want to make sure there are no red marks
  • We recommend trying to keep the baby awake for some time before the session to help them sleep through it. Trust us when we say it’s worth it!
  • We love it when babies are a little “milk drunk”. Make sure they are fed and burped just before the session to keep them happy and make them sleepy. If they start getting cranky during the session we might ask you to feed them again.
  • Gather any props that you want to use during the photography session

During the Photography SessionNewborn Family Photo at Home

  • Silence is the key to a successful newborn photography session. We need things as quiet as possible so the baby sleeps soundly. If you’ve got other children that could make noise, then try to find a sitter to take care of them for a few hours at home. You might want to do this with pets as well. We create white noise during the session. If you wish for your other children to be a part of the session then bring them in at the start or end of the session and have someone take care of them after they do their part. The only ones that should be at the session are those being photographed.
  • Relax and trust us to take care of the baby. We can get great shots even if they get fussy. It just takes a little time to calm them back down. We let them take charge of the situation. Sometimes they might need to be fed or changed or need a cuddle. Babies can pick up on when their parents are stressed and it stresses them out too. Keeping a mellow environment and staying calm keeps the baby calm too.
  • They say shit happens and it really does in our business! Sometimes they’ll end up using the blankets as a diaper and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’ll clean them up and keep on going. Don’t get embarrassed or worry about it. I’m a mom myself so I’ve been peed on my fair share of times! It’s great if you’ve got some old towels, wipes, and blankets on hand for when things get a bit messy.