Natural or Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Newborn lifestyle photoshoot usually takes place at your home and the focus is very much on the connection between your new baby and the family members. It also captures the newborn connection with their new environment in a more natural way. So, there will be a lot of different photos in the nursery and in different parts of the home. Lifestyle newborn photography is a lot more relaxed and much less posed, and it won’t matter so much whether your baby is awake or asleep.

Baby Nate with Dad
Baby Nate with Family
Baby Chloe with Parents

Lifestyle photoshoot usually have a much more relaxed and documentary style vibe. Lifestyle images are less about getting the baby into a perfect pose and it’s more about capturing baby and parents in a more informal way. We also think lifestyle photos are unique in that they can really show a special and unique connection between parents and babies. This is something that can’t really be done in posed portraits. The whole concept of lifestyle newborn photography is showing our subjects in their own environment whether that’s snuggling on the bed and a baby’s nursery or just kind of around different areas of your home.

So the big question here is which style do you want to shoot for your baby? Do you want to want to have posed newborn portraits, capturing those sweet and beautiful images of the baby. Or do you love the idea of showing up your home and document your life story through lifestyle photography? Contact us to discuss it in more detail!