Newborn Photos with Mom

Mother and newborn photos are always the most adorable and cute. Here at Newborn Photography Melbourne we always encourage moms to take part in the photo shoot with newborn baby.

Baby Nate with Mom
Mommy loving the baby lying down on bed
Baby Ella with Mom
Mom holding newborn baby close to her face
Baby Jon
Close up shot of mommy holding the newborn on her chest with baby facing in.
Baby Lucas
Shot taken in the master bedroom. Mom sitting on the bed and holding the baby
Baby Nate
Outdoor shot
Baby Chloe with Mom
Mommy holding the baby on her chest.
Baby Cena
Mom holding the baby and kissing
Newborn Family Photo Melbourne 6
Outdoor shot of mommy holding the newborn and lovingly looking at her


Tips for Newborn and Mom Photos

  • Moms should hold the baby close to their face. Although it look awkward but the photos are more cute and lovely in such a pose.
  • Take some shots when you are dressing the baby or lying down on bed with them. By this way you can have a few lifestyle photos for your album.
  • Take photos in different parts of the house. Choose the time when the rooms have the maximum sunlight to have sweet natural photos.
  • You can keep your outfits simple for the photo shoot. Just choose the neutral or solid colors with minimal patterns. The focus should be on you and your baby rather than on the outfit.
  • You can have pictures with the baby just in a diaper for some unique and cute photos.