Newborn and Sibling Photos

Newborn and Sibling Photos

Newborn photography cannot be complete without including siblings in the photo shoot. Siblings adds to cuteness and love in the newborn photos. Here are our favorite photos of newborn with siblings from our baby photographer and also tips for your own diy newborn sibling photography.

Newborn Photos with Sister

Sister lying on bed with newborn and cuddling her.

newborn with sister

Both newborn and sister lying down on rug. Newborn swaddled and cuddled by the older sister.

newborn with sister 1 baby sister photo baby sister black white photo

Newborn in basket prop and sister sitting behind her.

baby 2 weeks old with sister

Older sister holding newborn in the lap.

newborn in sister lap

Newborn Photos with Brother

Newborn and brother sibling lying on bed.

newborn with brother

Newborn Photos with other Baby Siblings

Eldest sibling holding the baby in the lap and the rest sitting around.

newborn and baby siblings

Tips and Posing Ideas for Newborn and Sibling Photos

  • It’s best to have the photo shoot at the noon time when sunlight is maximum and not glaring at the same time
  • Choose a room which has the most sunlight. This will give you a lot of natural light to take these cute pictures
  • Swaddle the baby. Its easier to hold the newborn when they are swaddled and also lying them down.
  • You can create a backdrop using baby blankets. Use a sturdy stand or dresser to attach the blanket and also have a part of it on the floor.
  • Let the siblings love the baby in their own way. Just be careful that they don’t harm the baby and coach them along the way.
  • You can try posing ideas as in the above photos. Older sibling can hold the baby in the lap and you can take photos from different angels. Ask the brother/sister to hold baby close to the face for more cute picture.
  • Beware of newborn safety when posing with siblings. Mom or Dad should be around to ensure the baby’s position is safe. They can go out of the frame just before the photo is taken.