5 Locations in Melbourne with Perfect Background for Family Photos

5 Locations in Melbourne with Perfect Background for Family Photos

There is no preferable time to visit Melbourne than during summer. At that time of year, it holds numerous attractions for the game lovers, music-lovers, travelers, families, and kids. Every summer in Melbourne carries with it tremendous events, outdoor eating, luxuries, and satisfaction for the entire family.

There is no better way to immortalize the beautiful moments you had with your family on vacation than with the photos. Here we have chosen a few top spots with the perfect background for photo shoot in Melbourne. The list below doesn’t contain parks and beaches because we want to highlight some good city areas for photography. You can also hire Newborn Photography Melbourne to travel with you around Melbourne and take good pictures of your family and children.

1. Flinders St Station

So, if you have made up your mind about coming to visit Melbourne and looking for a place to take some photos, Flinders St Station is the main area that rings a bell. Strategically placed on the edge of a bustling street, Flinders St Station is a perfect spot for night photography to catch long exposure photos with the activity of trains and cars cruising by.

2. The Hamer Hall

After Flinders Street Station, this part of Melbourne I’m about telling you would need to be up there amongst the most popular and there are no suppositions to why.  Take the best shot on sunrise to capture the golden hour light hitting the city horizon, the slight rise from the view enables you to keep away from the bustling hordes of Southbank.

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3. Morell Street Bridge

The third spot I have in mind found just a short stroll from Flinders Street Station, the Morell Street Bridge is the belt that holds Botanical Gardens and MCG together. The extension gives a decent view of the Yarra River with the city structures making a pleasant scenery.

Although there are more bridges further down the Yarra River, I still find the perspective of the Melbourne horizon doesn’t really compare with the Morell Street Bridge view.

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4. St Kilda Pier

Another popular spot for tourist is the St Kilda Pier. This usually for tourist hoping to enjoy the St Kilda Beach hoping and the neighborhood at nightfall. The Pier is quite a busy area on the weekends, so taking a photograph at that time might be a little challenging.

In case you’re looking to avoid the general population, I’d suggest photographing on dawn or use a neutral density filter to capture a long exposure and blur the movement of individuals out of your frame to make an empty scene. Works perfectly!

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5. Metro Stations

Melbourne is home to a tremendous open transport framework. The train stations are fun spots to shoot long exposures of trains going with the city as a scenery. Some of the most loved stations are Parliament Station, Hawksburn Station, Richmond Station and Jolimont Station.

It’s important that Metro Trains have a few standards around taking photographs in train stations. By and large handheld photography is fine (only if you are at a safe distance) yet you can’t use a tripod without a permit from Metro Trains.

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Other than finding the right spot to take a photo it is also crucial you get everyone ready for the shoot.


  • Bring along something to drink in case your kids get thirsty.
  • The best time for light is 30 mins before sunset, so do well to feed your kids beforehand.
  • Bring along a toy for the little ones in order to keep them occupied (ensure to keep the colors coordinating with your styling choice)
  • Put on comfortable shoes, just in case you are required to walk some distance.
  • Pack some extra clothes, just in case there is an accident or it gets too hot.