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Melbourne Newborn, Family & Baby Photography

We provide high-quality newborn, baby, and family photography services. Our photography studio in Melbourne has the state-of-art equipment to capture the stunning shots of your newborn along with the whole family. We are also experienced and trained to handle babies of all ages. Whether it’s a newborn, infant or toddler, we can make your baby POP in the pictures. Our baby and newborn portraits are extensively shared on social platforms and hugely appreciated. Our family and newborn photography service is available in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us for more information.

Melbourne Natural Newborn Photography

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Newborn lifestyle photography usually takes place at your home and the focus is very much on the connection between your baby and the family members. It also captures the infant’s connection with their new environment in a more natural way. So, the newborn photographer takes a lot of different photos in the nursery and in different parts of the home. Lifestyle newborn photography is a lot more relaxed and much less posed, and it won’t matter so much whether your baby is awake or asleep. This photography session can also be booked after birth. But contact us today to reserve your spot!

Melbourne Posed Newborn Photography

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In the posed newborn photography, the focus is really on your baby usually without any outfits at all. The photographer usually puts the newborn into baskets, buckets, prams or other items that are meaningful to your family. They may use a lot of different colors and a lot of different textures in the shoot. Although the main focus is your newborn the photographer will also spend time taking some family portraits capturing images of your baby with the parents and older siblings. This photoshoot is best done when the newborn is 2 weeks old and should be booked during pregnancy.

Melbourne Baby Photography

Babies go through different stages after birth in their first year. They sit, crawl, stand and run. Baby photographer captures these milestones and develops a beautiful album for you with the timelines. We can also setup an outdoor baby photography shoot. Melbourne has beautiful parks and outdoor locations perfect for a great photo shoot.

Melbourne Family Photography

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Your family is amazing and we love to involve all of you to shoot some lovely photographs. Newborn photography with family saves the most precious memories of a lifetime. Special setups are created to include Parents, children and even Grandparents in the photoshoot. We are unique and fun family photographer.


Why Hire Us

Professional Melbourne Newborn Photographer

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We are experienced in posing and handling newborns safely. We only use poses in which the baby is comfortable and also soothe the newborn during the session. Working with a professional newborn photographer will ensure the safety of your baby.

Classic Baby & Family Portrait Styles

Family Portrait

Our photographer captures the best portraits you’ve ever seen or owned. We offer a range of newborn and family portrait styles including classical, fine art, and natural. 

Melbourne’s Top Photography Studio

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Our studio is designed for babies and families. We create a relaxed atmosphere to ensure smooth photography session. Give us a visit today to have a look at our studio and discuss your photography plans.

Affordable Newborn Photography Packages

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We offer value with our cost-effective newborn photography packages at an affordable price in Melbourne. Our prices are relatively cheap but the quality is premium. Contact us for more details and book your photoshoot.