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Capture The Precious Moments Of Your Family With Newborn Photography Melbourne

NPM provides high quality newborn, baby, children and family photography services. Our photography studio in Melbourne has state-of-art equipment to capture the stunning shots of your baby along with the whole family. We offer our services in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today to know more.

Melbourne Newborn & Baby Photography

Our photographers are experienced and trained to handle babies of all ages. Whether it's a newborn, infant or toddler, we can make your baby pop in the pictures. We have special baby photo costumes and props to create beautiful themes for the photo shoot. We also love to involve parents and siblings in the photography session to capture lovely photos. Our baby and children portraits are extensively shared on social platforms and hugely appreciated. 
Natural Newborn Photography
Newborn babies are pure and we love to photograph them in an original and raw form. We use natural posing styles that are comfortable for baby and use macro lenses to capture the features of newborn in great detail. We can ensure that you will love our natural baby portraits
Home Photo Shoot
We are truly mobile photographers. We can setup the photography session at your home for the comfort of the baby. You don't need to worry about the home decor and lighting, we will take care of all the necessary equipment required for a successful photo shoot
Infant Photography
This is the time when babies start to sit, roll on bed and crawl. We capture these baby milestones and create a beautiful album for you with the timelines
Toddler Photography
At this stage babies start to walk and like to run around. Capture these precious moments of your baby with our experienced baby photographer.

Why Choose Us

Professional Newborn Photographer

We are trained and highly experienced in posing and handling newborn safely. We see if the baby is comfortable in a particular pose and if there is a sign that he/she is not comfortable we move on to the next pose. Working with professional newborn photographer will ensure the safety of your baby.

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Classic Portrait Styles

NPM is committed to meeting and exceeding expectations with our professional quality service. We guarantee that we provide you with the best portraits you’ve ever seen or owned. We offer a range of newborn portrait styles including classical, fine art, and natural. There are six portrait finishes in all to suit your needs, including colours, black and white, and sepia tone. We are also able to offer a choice of outdoor locations as well as our own photography studio for a portrait photo shoot.

Photo Shoot with Natural Light

We love using natural light with our indoor and outdoor photography. It allows for some truly beautiful images to be created. Rather than using artificial lights when taking your portrait, we use the available natural light to create stunning effects. Natural light changes during the day, creating a unique look that is impossible to replicate in another shoot. That means that the photographs we take will be unique each and every time. You want to show off the natural beauty of your loved ones then photos with natural sunlight is the best way to do that.

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Melbourne's Top Baby Photography Studio

Our studio is designed for babies and families. We create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere kept at the right temperature to ensure smooth newborn photo session. Also our studio is able to handle families of different sizes. Give us a visit today to have a look at our studio and discuss your photo shoot plans.

Affordable Packages

NPM may not be the cheapest Melbourne photography business, but we’re also far from being the most expensive. We offer value with our cost-effective packages at an affordable price. We ensure to provide you with a high-quality service for capturing beautiful images to remain with your family for a lifelong time.

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